Human Art: 10 Gorgeous Asian Actors

Daniel Dae Kim

Fussy Tongue explores Human Art: 10 Gorgeous Asian Actors

I’m one for deeper grounds than looks or finding someone attractive. However, I must acknowledge from time to time (and I will in this human art series), that attraction starts with first impressions and those are often based on appearances. I was bound to do something on Asian actors as I watch a lot of these movies so why not now? Here are some gorgeous Asian actors on which I have had the pleasure of feasting my eyes. Well the rest are not bad looking or anything like that but certainly, physically speaking, there is a string in your heart that feels tenderly plucked when you see these ones on photographs or your more perfecting memory’s eye: lust at first sight or just love of looking at relative handsomeness or attractiveness? The truth is that it is not just about how they look, it is how they use what they have, it is their charm. There are a lot of good-looking people out there and there are people who harness and handle however little they have very well. The latter remind you of the importance of self-confidence (not to be confused with narcissism or arrogant boasting) and keep your mind going, long after the film is over and the magazines are binned. They remind you that what matters is the aura and presence quality that emanates from a person. This is also why some extremely good looking people have not necessarily made it on the list or did not rank as well as their looks might suggest or those who one might think of as less eye-candy will make it in here every time. I dod you a little favour: I choose my 4 favourites and give you a list of honourable mentions to choose your favourite (although I definitely know which ones are mine!) for the remaining 6!

10 Gorgeous Asian Actors: Hritik Roshan10 Gorgeous Asian Actors: n. 1 Hrithik Roshan, India – Indian god

There was a time when I would plan, like I did for Michael Jackson and Whitney Houston before, the obviously impending wedding of the two arguably most beautiful people in India, Hrithik Roshan and Ashwarya Rai. The universe spoke to me of the obvious match and Bollywood kept on putting them together in the most inspiring films, among my favourite ever beyond the actors’ presence: Jodhaa Akbar, Guzaarish and Dhoom 2. It turns out I can live really well with the idea they are not together! lol.

And as if his face wasn’t gorgeous enough, he also chiseled his body to look like chocolate bars that whet the appetite. Woh! With a mixture of mystery and sensitivity in his eyes, it is no wonder this Bollywood heartthrob is incessantly cast in lead roles for the pleasure of our eyes and I am sure for his certain acting skills. His versatile characters (yet always heroic) are certainly a testimony of his cinematographic skills and although most of us would be content just to go watch him be and move, there is something more sustainable in a character having content as well as looks.

10 Gorgeous Asian Actors: Honourable human art part 1. Choose your favourite(s)

They may have missed the top spots but we can totally understand if you were thinking about them when we spoke about gorgeous Asian actors. Just looking at these honourable mentions rests their case. On this list, we have:

  • Familiar showbiz face, Hong Kong singer, dancer and actor Aaron Kwok Fu-shing oozes charm in his romantic roles
  • Chang Chen is the romantic hero of Crouching Tiger who looked after and won over the heart of a spoiled rich beauty who later dies and, since then, has given us many more reasons to want to hug him better.
  • Actor Rick Yune rocks the bad guy like no one else but can equally play any other role as I pleasantly realised when I caught his smile looking as honest as if he had never properly scared me as a villain before.
  • Daniel Dae Kim: One of the best chiseled faces in Asia, the South Korean American makes an amazing villain in American film industry with that face that cheekily and cunningly pulls your attention towards it especially when he lets his hair grow.
  • Takeshi Kaneshiro: He IS all sorts of cute, this Taiwanese-Japanese actor and singer but probably does not stick in my mind long enough to make the real cut. Good looking, yes but am I losing sleep over him? Mmm.
  • Jet Li: It is the mystery, the serious and quiet force that make up most of Jet Li’s package. To make an impact in cinematic martial arts after the supreme reign of Bruce Lee and during that of Jackie Chan is quite an achievement on its own, but there is something in the dark stranger that awakes admiration and asks for proximity.

2 Daniel Henney, South Korea/Ireland/USA – Cheeky cuteness

Daniel HenneyRomantic lead in the should-be-acclaimed-in-his-genre Shanghai Call, especially for the impeccable continuity, intelligence and likeliness of the plot, romantic terror in One Night Surprise, assassin and Marvel mercenary Agent Zero in the Wolverine and all sorts of other possible roles give Daniel Henney’s acting versatility but cannot stop us thinking of his prince’s roles: rescuing our molested and plain broken hearts whether in Shanghai Call or in Seducing Mr Perfect. In those kinds of roles, he handsomely fits Mr Perfect. The guy remains kissable even as the less atractive character.

What do I like about him? Come on, do I need to spill it out? I wanted to own the Wolverine DVD just to pause on his action, I mean his scenes of course. Yes, Shanghai Call is a “light” movie, a bare romantic comedy and thereby would never really be taken seriously but the outcome was so unforced, the details and the casting so impeccable, that it was hard not to give it 5 stars just for Daniel Henney’s contribution to it.

Playful, versatile, and cute…

Honourable art part 2

Yes, very honourable.

  • Abhishek Bachchan: From one of Bollywood royal families, this actor does not only have a pedigree to boast. A handsome man who oozes confidence, this well-built teddy bear is quite easy on the eye, possibly what beauty Aishwarya Rai thought when she married him.
  • Lee Byung-hun: There are times when this actor is just seriously hot. What we needed was consistency.
  • Dennis Oh: His eyebrows are the crown of his eyes, giving them a dark and enveloping look. There is no doubt about this man’s cuteness and I like this androgynous take on his look.
  • Sung Kang: art and mystery in one.
  • Steven Yeun: Definitely at his best with a heartfelt smile.

10 Gorgeous Asian Actors: 3. Sendhil Ramamurthy, India/America – Uncomplicated handsomeness

Sendhil RamamurthyThere is something of a simplicity in his handsomeness, an uncomplicated attitude towards the camera. He just does not try and we love him for it. Not one to have a thousand fashion photos of himself on the Internet, he is just the actor whose face summarises him at once.

A hero in his own right, this gorgeous Asian-Indian American came to our attention as geneticist Mohinder Suresh in the NBC sci-fi drama Heroes. It was wise to start the film with his handsome face, because driving a taxi, taking one, deprived of powers unlike the other protagonists, the actor all the same or even more shone by his presence, determination and impersonation.

His darker skin beautifully hugs his face and traits and his slender body highlights his simple build without withdrawing anything of his virility or his attractiveness. He is basically “fit” without an effort, away from the seemingly compulsory buffing up of his generation and gender within his field or the need to dramatically alter looks every two seconds to stay relevant.

Please keep on being handsomely real Sendhil!

Godfrey Gao Kimeshi

10 Gorgeous Asian Actors: 4 Godfrey Gao

Oh Gao, what a hunk you are! The Taiwanese Canadian’s face and body makes him a perfect model and his acting has made him fans both in Taiwanese melodrama and increasingly in the Western world. From Louis Vutton to movies, his very handsome face is getting everyone rooting for more of him.

10 Gorgeous Asian Actors: Honourable art part 3

Oh so honourable! Seriously, just look at them:

  • Hiroyuki Sanada: another tasty vintage, what else could I say.
  • Nicholas Tse: The great thing about not being your high-fashion-style attractive person is the greater freedom of expression it can give you. A great and highly versatile actor, Nicholas Tse offers a face and personality that lend themselves to rich and deep impersonations and bewitches the viewer.
  • Sonu Sood: Physically fit with a face to match 😉
  • Arjun Rampal: Just look at him!
  • David Lee McInnis: With signature eyebrows that don’t prevent him from changing acting roles, this actor of German, Irish and Korean heritage has a face that… never mind, that is a yes from me.


So there is more than 10 human art in Asia, duh. As we expected, various comments on Facebook added to the list, including the celebrated Amitabh Bachchan. In effect, the list is infinite, so why make one? Because a reminder of the beauty of the world is a daily need and starting a list is contributing to that reminder. It is beautiful to see how Asia, like every region of the world, is very much part of this. Join us again for human art in other earthly regions.