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Movie Reviews

Genre: This is unlikely to change but you can always ask. We are into Family, Romcom, Period Drama, Anime, Cartoon, old type Mystery (Agatha Christie’s Poirot, Murder She Wrote, you see the type) but absolutely no horror or gore. We do reviews movies, streamed or otherwise screened as well as TV series.


If you are an author, artist, cook, self-made entrepreneur or a movie professional, we are interested. Tell us as much as possible in the form below about why we should interview you to ignite a consideration. A new book, an exceptional recipe, a tip. If you are a music professional, go to our sister company

Book Reviews

Genre: This will change often. Currently, we’re only accepting children’s books 3-8, poetry or short stories less than 100 pages.

You request reviews at your own peril. We are fussy when it comes to what we feed ourselves and even more so when it comes to what we feed our children. So maybe check our reviews before you apply, to avoid disapointment. And make sure you are an ethical author.

We will NEVER take money for doing book reviews because well, it is easier to take the time we feel we need, give our opinion when we are not blackmailed over pennies, and well decide not to after all so we can avoid the very low rating that might negatively affect a self-published author just because of one opinion. However, any costs incurred (e.g., acquiring the book) and any promotion we make will require payment.

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