Thor Love and Thunder: Movie Review

Thor Love and Thunder

Movie Review

About Thor Love and Thunder

First of all, mighty Spoiler Alert. I am not joking. With the kind of in-depth view I am going to take here, there is no possible way that even the details will not transpire. So be warned.

Thor Love and Thunder is a Marvel Studios / Disney 2022 American superhero movie. The movie streams on Disney +. Taika Waititi  directs, co-wrote and stars in this Marvel Comics adaptation. Thor Love and Thunder stars main protagonists Chris Hemsworth as Thor, Nathalie Portman as Dr. Jane Foster aka Mighty Thor and Tessa Thompson as King Valkyrie. Taika Waititi reprises his role as comic relief Korg, this time with a side of narration. Christian Bale plays the main protagonist, Gorr the God Butcher. Joining the cast is a host of actors playing gods including Russell Crowe stars as Zeus. Luke Hemsworth and Matt Damon reprise their respective roles as actor Thor and Loki. and Thunder stars , Natalie Portman as Dr. Jane Foster, aka Mighty Thor.


From its release in cinemas to its following streaming on Disney Plus, Thor love and thunder has caused a lot of controversy. I have heard a lot of bad press mainly about the direction and its indulgences. As I watch the movie, I see those. But I also realise that this is not a bad movie. It is entertaining and it has the elements that make you laugh, cry and wonder. Yes, its edition and the choice of footage can be faulted. It is always easier to deconstruct what has been so painstakingly and with passion and fun, built. As a result, this movie review will read more like Thor Love and Thunder, the Fussy Tongue cut. As such, it will be a longer review, which forces me to cut it into multiple parts, acts if you want. Each of these acts showcases that the film is a continuous showcase of transformations:

Act 1 – Meeting Gorr, the God Butcher which is about the parallel transformations of Gorr and their inner contradictions

Act 2 – Meeting Thor, Guardian Of The Galaxy battling his demons and finding love and redemption in a next generation

Act 3 – Meeting Mighty Thor, Dr Jane Foster whose passion for understanding and saving the world consumes her via cancer and hammer

Act 4 – Meeting the next generation: Thor Love and Thunder

Conclusion: In this part, we are looking overall at the feelings with which we were left after watching the movie. Considering, there are things that made us want to watch it again, we are also looking at what a second watch felt like.

Editor’s Notes:

Thor Love and Thunder is an American movie starring Chris Hemsworth, Natalie Portman and Christian Bale. 

Thor Love and Thunder streams on Disney Plus.