The Adam Project: Movie Review

The Adam Project

Movie Review

The Adam Project: spoilers alert

I know. This is a little bit of a different kind of review but it’s the movie’s fault. So wait .. is this a sequel to 13 going 30? Did Deadpool just kick the Hulk? Wait, does Deadpool have a son… who parades as his younger self 😁. Wait, wait! Right there. There’s a subtle “I’m your father” moment, with lightsabers and no such reveal. There’s Top Gun meets Star Wars as pilots pilot and do plane tricks. God damnit, the Hulk just made Deadpool cry… with words! Nobody beats Deadpool with words, especially not the Hulk! No offence to Starlord but Gamora with Deadpool is an alternate reality that I’m willing to embrace for its full hour and 40 minutes. And as if it were a Marvel comic, there’s a solid message underpinning it. Stan Lee is not dead after all. This definitely beats my fan fiction and might be the reason I thoroughly enjoyed the movie despite the systematic introduction of Hollywood’s nonsensical cliches. Ryan Reynolds is definitely the hot star at the moment. The actor literally leads in every blockbuster. It’s also almost as if scripts were adapting his characters’ dialogue to our expectations. And it seems they’re already breeding the next generation as Walker Scobell’s character gives him the right (mouth) run for his money. It is hard to believe that Tom Cruise was the original main actor for the role of the adult Adam with such a script and rendition.

The Adam Project

The Adam Project movie: The bad

So that’s the good. The bad and maybe just the ugly is of course those cliches. But who can ignore the botched de-aging CGI? Gorgeous Catherine Keener is made to look like her face was straight from the special CGI on Twilight Bella’s child. Rather than the visual effects technique making her look younger for her forward to the past scenes, it just makes her look weird. I cannot ignore the murder at the end. Yes, that is what assisted involuntary suicide is. All Banner needed to do was warn his colleague about the danger of using that weapon. Like on an airplane, it puts everyone in danger, and to be honest in this case and their positioning more her young self. So even without this last precision, he would have at least shown a lesser propency to manslaughter. The casually righteous way in which this is approached makes it not so much the bad but the ugly. We love those actors and that is why they can basically sell us next to anything. Yes, Next to anything not just anything.

Editor’s Note

The Adam ProjectYeah, yeah… The Adam Project is not a Marvel production and is not a superhero movie as per this generation’s definition. This American sci-fi movie was released amidst the trend, on March 11, 2022 and streams on Netflix since then. It stars among the most sought after of Marvel superhero actors, Ryan Reynolds, Mark Ruffalo and Zoe Saldaña. The film introduced me to Walker Scobell; Jennifer Garner also features. Catherine Keener plays the main antagonist aided by Filipino-Canadian actor Alex Mallari Jr.

Shawn Levy directs the movie and is one of the producer. The American movie was streaming on Netflix at the time of this review.