I had a little feast for my Sunday breakfast. It consisted of roasted cherry tomatoes and oeufs mollets on a pea and spinach puree with hollandaise sauce. It is quick to make and great to taste!

Oeufs mollets are soft-boiled egg (boiled for half-the time it takes a normal boiled egg), just a way around poached eggs which are much trickier to achieve and I like my life to be simple. Boiling them half the normal time keeps the yolk runny and barely sets the white. I think that is how I like my whites the best… or maybe fried, just not hard.

Young spinach leaves are quickly ‘stir-fried’ in warm butter/margarine for about 45 seconds then garden peas are added and stirred for another 20 seconds then blended to create the puree. I add salt to taste but more often I am preferring dry stock to salt.

My roasted veg/fruits consist of the vegetables/fruits being sprinkled with olive oil and preferred herbs and placed for 15 minutes in an oven pre-heated at 180 degrees.

Ah, my first time hollandaise… I just beat an egg in a glass bowl sitting on a pan of boiling water. I then add butter, well margarine, till I am happy with the consistency. Again, I add a little salt (not stock this time) and white pepper to taste.

For the 3-colour presentation, follow the photo or for fun and fuss, create your own!