Non-Transferable (2017) Movie Review


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About the Non-Transferable movie

Non-TransferableIn the 2017 rom-com “Non-Transferable,” Amy’s dream vacation to Europe takes an unexpected turn when she gets dumped right before the trip. Determined not to let the non-refundable tickets go to waste, she embarks on a hilarious quest to find a stranger with the same name as her ex-boyfriend, Josh Merit, to join her on the adventure. to join her on the adventure. This charming film is a modern twist on classic love stories, filled with laughter, unexpected connections, and a heartwarming reminder that sometimes, the best journeys lead you to unexpected destinations.

Hate at first sight

Omg, the first few minutes of this film cumulated and jammed so many of the worse cliches, I would never have believed it could have become watchable:  packed with expositional dialogue spoken at a high pitch or at a fast pace, even undoing its bid for a diverse cast by sticking the character development on cultivating stereotypes, that me made me feel nauseated. 

The promises of discovering the wonders of a European trip

Then it announces a European trip and I’m excited. Hollywood is getting abroad and not on a trip to strengthen the xenophobia. There was something to look forward to. I started wondering where this “global concierge” or “travel fairy” of a lead character would pick as a landscape to her boyfriend’s and her love: the beautiful sceneries of Scotland, the intoxicating scents of Parisian bakeries, the romantic gondolas and linguistic sounds of of Venice, the wonderful purity of rural Austria, the magic scenery of Iceland…. Or the  hidden treasures of Turkey. Ok. Why not? The beautiful Turkish country is at the intersection of continents and cultures.

Unkept promises

But while the movie tries to show some hidden beauties of the country, they actually don’t truly show the richness and variety of this multicultural gem. She finds a café with a great view that we barely see, she finds a bakery where they taste in a feast we cannot partake it. The insistence of the script to regurgitate the “opposite attracts” plot gets in the way of the viewer’s experience and loses the plot of the movie. But I feel further cheated: Turkey is a unique destination because it is a point where Europe meets Asia meets Africa and as such cannot represent Europe let alone represent a trip “around” Europe. Maybe they meant the other meaning of “around” as in “bypassing”… 

Non-TransferableMore flaws

We do have a few times when it feels as if the movie was regaining its direction. And then we fall again back into the cliches: the attraction for the 6-pack, the occasional overacting, the convenient female passenger on the airplane who turns out to be useless, the terrible drunk-acting, the ridiculous third act.  And there are those times when it feels like the movie has stock videos (the planes clips) or maybe these are just commercial clips? 

Non-transferable, In the end…

The kiss was actually believable even though the chemistry showcased or even the plot that surrounds it did not earn the film a satisfactory or believable final get together. So, and because it felt like an independent movie with the one most likely Turkish sponsor,  it gets a 2.5. The ticket may have been non-transferable but neither are the 1 hour and 27 minutes I spent watching it, plus the time to write this review… 

Editor’s notes on the movie Non-transferable

The romantic movie Non-Transferable is available to watch here on Amazon Prime Video at the time of writing The movie is directed and produced by Brendan Bradley and stars Ashley ClementsBrendan BradleyShanna Malcolm.