IT Course – Join the digital revolution: Learn the basics of IT!

The statistics are flagrant. Nearly half of the planet is online, billions of phones are in use, millions of computers sold and in use and the technology is entering our homes further with smart meters and the likes. Yet, many still feel excluded from this digital revolution. Governments are reporting an alarming degree of exclusion, with IT illiteracy negatively affecting the economy and social dynamics.

3E Web Media put together a course to tackle the issues faced by those who know little to nothing about the subject. The course is entitled An Introduction to ICT and provides both a conceptual and practical awareness and understanding of the fundamentals of Information and Communication Technology (ICT). It fosters an appreciation of the importance of ICT and the various ways it can be experienced or used to facilitate and benefit everyday home, work and social lives. These basic builing blocks of digital literacy are useful transferable skills in employability or a guide to further specialised study in an IT career.

The 10-module course explores data/information and technology, why and how computers are used to manipulate and get the most out of data. It touches on different areas of IT, including digital communications and networking, the Internet and the web, basic programming, basic media, digital identity and presence, IT security, IT regulations, emerging technologies and more. The aim is to give the learner an opportunity to explore what is possible in IT, be able to understand and do the basics and utilise that knowledge and those skills to enrich or guide their career.

The course is delivered face-to-face or online for those who feel like it and provides multimedia activities, simulations, videos, practical development, support, quizzes and a lot more engaging and interactive ways to immerse the learner into the technology that has swept us into this digital revolution.

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Introduction to Information Technology