Franklin l'insoumis

Author: Various
Genre: Array
Franklin l'insoumis - Franklin Boukaka

Book Release

August 4, 2022

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About the anthology Franklin l’insoumis

Franklin l’insoumis is a book written in French. It gathers a creative talent base. Each of these authors explores the legacy of the inspirational artist Franklin Boukaka.

Amzat Boukari-Yabara, Anthony Mouyoungui, Arian Samba, Aset Malanda, Aurore Foukissa, Clément Ossinonde, Dibakana Mankessi, Gabriel Eboundjit, Glad Amog Lemra, Grâce Youlou Nkouelolo, Marien Fauney Ngombé, Nadia Myril Eteno, Ndèye Fatou Kane, Obambe Ngakosso and Patrick Kouoh, Ramsès Bongolo contribute together to the revival and acknowledgment of a piece of African history in this anthology.

Under each of these 14 plumes, the Pan-Africanist revolutionary and African history itself is revisited from different angles and African countries. The writers take inspiration from the songwriter’s lyricism. They look at his oeuvre and his impact using his texts. Lyrics from the unforgettable Les Immortels, the timeless Le bûcheron, and many more are explored or just inspiration.

Gabriel Eboundjit is president of the pan-African league Umoja, who through this book had strong words for happened to know and frequent Franklin Boukaka during the artist’s lifetime. Clément Ossinonde and Gabriel Eboundjit are also contribute the foreword and afterword of the work.

Who is Franklin Boukaka?

Franklin Boukaka was born François Boukaka in the Republic of the Congo (Congo Brazzaville), This touring musician was a gifted singer-songwriter known for his baritone vocals and his activist lyricism. Often hailed as the father of popular Congolese music, Franklin Boukaka has performed solo and as part of various bands.

The musician has clearly not only inspired music and music artists. His Pan-Africanist stances, his deep beliefs emotionally embedded in his lyrics and his speech have reached all corners of Art and life, even beyond his native Congo. what better evidence than this anthology that spans the African continent.

The anthology Franklin l’insoumis is an initiative from Marien Fauney Ngombé. Marien Fauney Ngombé himself is a Congolese author (Tant Que l’équateur Passera Par Penda), a cultural promoter (So’Art). He also heads several Pan-African organisations. The multi-talented man is responsible for gathering the book’s authors and coordinating the work. To give an idea of the calibre in play and the reason for his choices, let’s find out a little more about each author. They are a loaded bunch, a set of multi-talented “overachievers” (in its most admiring form). Beyond their work here, some of the authors’ own creations betrays the inspiration that Franklin Boukaka has been in their lives.

About each author in the anthology

Amzat Boukari-Yabara is a French Pan-Africanist historian (PhD) and independent scholar from Benin. Anthony Mouyoungui is an author and journalist from the Democratic Republic of the Congo. Arian Samba cofounded the Pan-Africanist economic networking club LENDA; he is the president or CEO of multiple Pan-Africanist organisations and the author of L’immigré noir Français.

Aset Malanda is an author and a scriptwriter. Nadia Myril Eteno, from Gabon is born in Lambaréné. She is the Author of “Les doux murmures de mon enfance“.

Clément Ossinonde is a music columnist and radio host at Chroniqueur Musical. He penned the non-fictional story that relates how the Rumba was born and reborn in its journey between Cuba and Congo. The book is entitled “L’histoire de la Rumba cubano-congolaise: Voyage Musical : L’aller et retour de la Rumba Cubano-congolaise”. This Congolese encyclopedia of music also authored “Les Virtuoses congolais de la guitare électrique” (on Edilivre) that tells of the electric guitar virtuosos of the Congo and more.

Dibakana Mankessi wrote La brève histoire de ma mère, the novel “On M’Appelait Ascension Férié” and “Atipo, Mon Mari” and other novels (éditions Doxa). This Congolese author is a doctor in Sociology also published studies in the human sciences and an essay in journals and currently teaches sociology. Patrick Kouoh is a Computer Systems engineer, a local press correspondent and the author of “Je N’ai Pas échoué”. He is from Cameroon.

Ramsès Bongolo authored multiple publications. He is a novelist, playwright, poet, essayist, novelist and literary critic. Wikipedia describes Ndèye Fatou Kane as a Senegalese novelist and feminist. This winner of the (under-35) Youth Prize for those who are shifting the Francophone world in Arts, Culture and Fashion penned the novel “Le Malheur De Vivre” and the essay “Vous avez dit féministe ? (Did you say feminist?)

Gabriel Eboundjit is president of the pan-African league Umoja and author. Glad Amog Lemra is a multi award-winning Congolese filmmaker, author, screenwriter, director and producer. The author Aurore Foukissa studied Private Law at Panthéon-Assas University and is now the Key Account Servicing Manager at SIACI SAINT HONORE. She also founded the podcast “Le Plafond de Verre”. Obambe Ngakosso is the Congolese author of the novel collection “Les malades précieux” (published on L’harmatan). Grâce Youlou Nkouelolo, also known as Mademoiselle GYN (after her initials), is a dramatherapist and trainer, an actress and a singer.